Stealing vs. Loving

On Valentine’s Day, we are reminded that there is someone for everyone.

As a bookseller with a heart made of pages, I like to think that for every book, there is a thief.

The Book Thief is as rare as the books they choose to steal. For most, if an antique book was sitting out on the street, it would be treated as the equivalent of a penny stuck to a hot sidewalk — unnoticed and avoided.

Most book thieves steal, not for money, but out of love. They got it bad. Licorice Pizza bad. The love of an object is a significant love. In this case, the Book Thief and the book are destined for one another. Where others shrug, the Book Thief has a romantic, mystical attachment to a 1616 map of New England or a gilded, illustrated edition of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

Jane Austen is often a target of unwanted suitors. I’ve seen more than one collectible set of Austen reduced to a “filler” set because of a missing Pride and Prejudice. No one steals Northanger Abbey…just sayin’.

So, if there was ONE BOOK you would go to love-jail for…what would it be?

Leave me a note. No judgments.

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