How to Love Modern Books

Survival. That’s what collectability is all about. Darwin, of course, was right…throw in that sexiness vibe too. Collectability is a combination of toughness and desire. Kind of like Pam Grier.

When books were first created, they were battleships, like my old Uncles, made out of aged, ungreased leather. They have lasted too many lifetimes to count and can sit, waiting in a vault like Universal Monsters, just waiting for a reboot. Yawning refreshed after a nap of hundreds of years.

First time collectors, however, do not gravitate towards these “imponderables”, to steal from Deadwood. They go for the Moderns. The Moderns come in recognizable content and paper jackets.

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If you DO choose the Moderns, and you probably will, be aware that the prices can range from the astronomical (think The Great Gat$$$by) to the recently published modest (see above).

Moderns need more physical protection than their ancestors. (Again, think about my Uncles.) Invest in book jacket protectors, made out of “mylar”, a protective film that cuts down on ultraviolet light and keeps out dust. Most importantly, it protects the book from your dirty hands. Do you think the white dust jacket pictured above could stay clean for even one year without protection? (Not in my house!)

Leather books love your greasy hands but Moderns are the equivalent of modern people, not as tough with a strong urge to stay pure.

So, if you go Modern, keep your collectable as clean as your Instagram.

I’m sure you know what I mean.

Stay Beautiful.

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