Quiet Books and Loud Music

Welcome to the Turntable!

Here, I will discuss the world of rare books and paper and music. What it’s like to be as rare and Brown as some of the books I sell. What it’s like being a gal wearing a cool and comfortable dress at a Book Fair while the dudes are sweating it out in suits.

It’s going to be ALL of that, sometimes more and sometimes much less.

Mostly, this space will be about what is jumping up and down in front of me at the moment. Being a mother, I live for the moment.

It will be a happy coexistence between guesswork and knowledge and my hope is that we will all have fun trying to kick up some dust.

There are lots of other blogs out there about rare book collecting so, it will be my honor if you spend some time with me. I will tell you my experiences so you will see the antiquarian world through my lens.

There will be times when I will stretch to reach and explain and times when I will frankly just wonder why old books have to be so heavy. The assumption is that you will be tuning in to enjoy the conversation so jump in from time to time. I’m excessively chatty — ask anyone.

At the end of each blog, I will also share what I have on my turntable that week.

This week:  The Clash by The Clash

Favorite song on the record: “Police and Thieves”

Stay beautiful.


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